Openshift ready template for WordPress platform!

This repository holds an OpenShift ready template for running a wordpress platform on your OpenShift PaaS.


The following template will setup on your OpenShift platform a WordPress platform composed by an Apache webserver (the official wordpress container on DockerHub) and a centos-mysql container for holding back the wordpress data.
Keep in mind that all the setup is stateless: mysql container is shipped with emptyDir volume, you should replace it with a persistent volume to ensure data saving.


This is a briefly list of the necessary requirements before trying run the template:


Easy and fast deployment in few steps:

$ git clone

$ cd wordpress-inmyopenshift-cloud

$ oc create -f wordpress-openshift-template.yaml

$ oc new-app wordpress-openshift

Advanced configuration

You’ll find below a list of the all available fields for advanced configuration:

Please note: if you don’t set any of the previous fields they will be defaulted/random generated.